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Includes all disbursements and third party costs


Independent and family-owned, True Cremation, are profoundly experienced in undertaking low-cost direct cremations Stone, and the surrounding local areas. With coverage across the United Kingdom, our direct funerals are non-attended cremation services.

Our Stone direct cremation service empowers you to focus on the essentials: a dignified and straightforward sending-off with the highest degree of professionalism and care. We recognise that end-of-life services do not have to be elaborate and expensive to be respectful.

For some, a direct cremation takes away the stress of arranging a funeral. While others choose to hold a 'celebration of life' or memorial service at another time. It could also be that your loved one did not want a fuss or for their families to have the financial burden of a more traditional funeral.

Stone direct cremations not only reduce the price of a funeral but also allow you to cherish your loved one in your own way. Just because our funeral service is a no-frills funeral alternative, we still apply our finely tuned attention to detail. Respecting your loved one at all times.

Kent Direct Cremations


The straightforward answer is that a direct cremation is an unattended cremation where mourners do not attend a crematorium service. Essentially, a direct cremation separates the cremation from the funeral ceremony.


This is ideal for those who do not want to have a service or ceremony before the cremation. Likewise, for those who want to celebrate and/or mourn in their own way. Direct cremation offers a simple alternative to a traditional funeral that allows you to bid a respectful farewell in a fuss-free and straightforward manner. 

Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable funeral options in Stone, Kent & the UK. However, it does not mean that any corners are cut or the care that you and your loved one receive are in any way less than that of True Cremation's usual high standards.


A direct cremation is typically the least expensive option. It can avoid the need for additional costs incurred from elements of a traditional funeral service. Costs associated with a more ceremonial funeral service avoided with a direct cremation include embalming, viewing the deceased, flowers, funeral service. Direct cremations also avoid additional transportation costs for the family or close friends via limousines.


Removing these elements allows us at True Cremations to offer a respectful, dignified funeral for much less than a traditional funeral. A direct cremation is regularly referred to by many other names, such as; affordable funerals, pure cremations, sole cremations, simple cremations, simplicity funerals or low-cost funerals. 

With direct cremation, the cremation takes place, and then the cremated remains are prepared for collection. The cremated remains can be collected from True Cremation in Kent by yourself or by somebody you nominate.


Alternatively, they can be courier to you or can be scattered at the crematorium. Suppose you decide for the ashes to be returned to you and not scattered at the crematorium. In that case, you then have the freedom to hold a memorial or celebration of life wherever, whenever and however you choose.



  • Bringing your loved one into our care at our funeral home.

  • Arranging the cremation service.

  • Submitting all relevant paperwork. 

  • Complete care and preparation of your loved one at our funeral home near Stone, in Gravesend.

  • The provision of a traditional light oak veneered coffin.

  • Transference of your loved one from our funeral home to the crematorium using a hearse.

  • A suitable ashes container for the cremated remains. 

  • All third party fees and costs are covered, with no hidden charges. 

  • The same high level of respect and dignity you would expect from a full traditional funeral.


There is no right or wrong way to say goodbye. We’ll help you and your family create a fitting event that is personal, meaningful and dignified, and carried out with the highest level of support and care.

Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations


There are numerous reasons to choose a Stone direct cremation:

  • A loved one's final wishes not to burden their family with the stress or worry about a traditional funeral service. 

  • It may be because there are not the funds possible for a traditional funeral service. By picking a direct cremation, you are guaranteeing a dignified send-off without the financial pressure. 

  • Direct cremations have also become a favourite option where families live overseas. It is not always possible to attend the funeral. If this is the situation, then a direct cremation could be the most practical alternative. 

Also, our charges are transparent with no concealed extras. This provides you with the peace of mind that you will always know how much your direct cremation will cost from the beginning. 

If you seek a simple cremation service, it ensures everything necessary takes place without a full funeral service costs – then yes, it is.


True cremation is a Kent based, independent family-run direct cremation provider. Our honour is to provide you with a dignified, affordable, no-hassle funeral, with the highest respect for your loved one.

True cremation is a small team of attentive, professional funeral personnel reachable by phone 24 hours a day to support you at a moment of loss. Although we serve a large area of the UK,

True Cremations has over 100 years of combined funeral service experience. So you will receive full outstanding customer service while maintaining costs low. We are very proud of the superior service we provide.

We consider it an honour to be ready to assist families at such a significant point. As True Cremation is a family-owned, independently operated business, you will have the same committed funeral director during the arrangements of your direct cremation.

We are continually here to give support and advice professionally and compassionatelyWhether you are looking for information on direct cremations, planning ahead or need help with funeral arrangements, our dedicated team at True Cremation are here to assist you on 01474 555119

Kent Direct Cremations
Direct Cremations Kent


The loss of a loved one can leave behind a heartfelt wound.


At True Cremation, we want you to recognise you don't have to struggle unaided. 

Contact us to find out more about our service and how we can support you.  

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Absolutely amazing service, very professional & caring. Made a very difficult time a lot easier. Could not recommend them highly enough.
Thank you


Kent Direct Cremations
Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations


With a Direct Cremation, Can My Loved One Be Collected From My Home?

Yes, as we are a funeral director, we can collect your loved one directly from home.

What Happens If The Coroner Is Involved?

If the coroner has been involved in your loved one's death, this is not an issue. We will collaborate with the coroner and take your loved one into our care as promptly as possible.


If possible, please talk to us before the coroner has completed all they are doing. This way, we can get the necessary steps in motion

When Do I Pay For a Direct Cremation? 

We will raise you an invoice before the cremation of your loved one, as the arrangement's price is fixed.

True cremation operates based on full payment before cremation, so all of our fees must be paid in full.


This creates full transparency, so there will not be any additional hidden costs requested later. 

Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations

How Can I Pay for a Direct Cremation?

We can process all card payments over the telephone during our office hours (9:00 till 17:00 Monday to Friday).

You can also arrange payment through a bank transfer. 


Alternatively, suppose your loved one held a bank account, and you wished to use their funds for payment.

In that case, we could send you an invoice to present to your loved one's bank to arrange payment directly to us. 

Do You Accept Social Fund Payments for Direct Cremations?

A Social Fund payment could feasibly meet the entire cost of a True Cremation funeral. Nevertheless, we can only offer our low price based on full payment before the funeral.

This means you will need to obtain an alternative funding source until the Social Fund amount comes through. This may be possible in the form of a Crisis or Budget Loan from the Department of Work and Pensions. 

Direct Cremations, Can Family Or Friends Attend The Funeral Service?


As direct cremation is an 'unattended service', unfortunately, family, friends, and other mourners may not attend the crematorium's direct cremation.


The crematorium states that no officiant may hold any kind of service during a direct cremation, and no music is allowed. Only funeral staff may be involved whilst the coffin is placed in the chapel.

Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations

Do You Offer A Traditional Funeral Service? 

A traditional service is possible via Stephen P. Gay Funeral Service. Please see for details.

What Variety Of Coffin Will Be Used in a Direct Cremation?

We provide a traditional light oak veneered coffin suitable for cremation. 

If I Choose a Direct Cremation, Can We Arrange To See Our Loved One In Your Chapel Of Rest?

To keep costs low, unfortunately, visits to our Chapel of Rest are not possible.

If this is an option, you would like, please contact us so we can put you in touch with our sister company who can help.

Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations

Do You Provide Full Funeral Facilities?


The notion of True Cremation is to offer a direct cremation service at a more affordable cost. Therefore, our Chapel of Rest would not be used with a direct cremation as visits are not permitted.


Also, because there is no traditional church or secular service, the prices of a limousine and additional staffing are unnecessary. All professional facilities are, however, fully open to us

Before The Cremation Can A Church Service Be Arranged?

A service before the cremation is not offered with a direct cremation. Suppose a church service is something you would like to carry out. In that case, you might wish to prepare a separate memorial or service without the coffin present.


A Service after the direct cremation with a casket bearing your loved ones ashes can be as emotionally moving at a service or function as the coffin. 

Where Does The Direct Cremation Happen?

The time, date and location of cremation are solely at our discretion and are chosen on the grounds of availability.


The crematorium used will be fully licensed under all current conditions. We can let you know once booked where the direct cremation will be taking place.

Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations

Can I Pick The Day and Time Of The Service? 

Unfortunately not, we take advantage of the low council charges at specific times. This is how we can keep our costs as advertised.

Will There Be Any Flowers with a Direct Cremation?

We will provide a fitting floral tribute, but should you wish to order something unique or bespoke to you, we can put you in touch with our trusted florist.

What Happens To The Ashes with A Direct Cremation?

You can pick one of the following possibilities: 

  • Your loved ones ashes can be collected from our office weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00 by yourself or a selected person.

  • Your loved ones ashes can be scattered on your behalf.

  • Your loved ones ashes can be set in a simple container and hand-delivered directly to you ( there is an additional charge for this assistance).

Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations

When Can I Have My Loved One's Ashes Following a Direct Cremation? 

If you have decided to have the ashes hand-delivered to you, we will act with you to return them in a reasonable time frame at a convenient time.

If you have elected to collect them, they could be available the next day after the cremation.


Again, we will speak to you about this and work alongside you.

What Areas Do You Cover? 

We cover the whole of mainland Great Britain.

What Other Fees Might Be Applicable With a Direct Cremation?

In the circumstance of bariatric cases, this may create additional or unexpected requirements. Therefore we reserve the freedom to make additional charges where these become essential.


These charges may cover necessary other personnel, special equipment, a specialist crematorium fee, or an oversized casket.

Hand delivery of your loved ones ashes to any location in England. Arrangements can also be made to dispatch ashes internationally if desired. 

On the Phone
Talking on phones

What Happens If I Need To Speak To You regarding a Direct Cremation? 

If you would like more information on our low-cost funeral services, Stone areas simply call 01474 555119.


One of our courteous team will assist you and answer any more questions you may have. 


MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 - 18:30 SATURDAY 11:00 - 17:00

SUNDAY 12:30 - 16:30 


120 Old Road West, Gravesend

Kent, DA11 0LR

01474 555119

Kent Direct Cremations - True Cremations